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About YO

The OSSA YO’s are a dynamic group of young and upcoming ophthalmologists who have a vibrant vision for the future of ophthalmology in South Africa, and the rest of Africa. As YO’s we hold the future of our profession in our hands. The OSSA YO society has a long-term strategy to engage with young ophthalmologists and assist in their academic training and development as young professionals venturing into careers in public or private sector Ophthalmology.

We offer educational programs and social networking opportunities at various congresses, a young leaders development program, career services and professional development resources catered to each level of training and practise.

We also hope that bringing together these passionate YO’s will create a strong platform for advocacy on various initiatives related to Ophthalmology in South Africa. By investing in the next generation our hope is to see the Ophthalmology profession and eyecare in SA move from strength to strength.

"Our aim is be able to offer access to educational programs, career opportunities and professional development services relevant to each level of training and practice."

- Dr. Bayanda Mbambisa (OSSA Exco Member)

Why join the OSSA YO community?

Access to online Educational Resources

In our Academic Material section of our website, we provide an online educational resource for Young Ophthalmologists (YO's) with a vast array of useful material including: 

  • access to the American Academy of Ophthalmology ONE Network and leading Ophthalmology Journals (eg BJO, AJO, Ophthalmology etc)
  • access to the South African Ophthalmology Journal 
  • study notes and aids for FC Ophth SA Intermediate and Final examination preparation 
  • useful articles written by local and international experts in our 'Pearls from the Gurus' section
  • access to helpful surgical and clinical educational Videos


Guidance on Fellowships

In our Fellowship section, we offer useful advice aimed at guiding and supporting YO's who are considering undertaking a local or international fellowship in one of the many sub-specialty areas of Ophthalmology. This is in the form of articles written as guides to applying for a fellowship, useful contacts for South African Ophthalmologists who have previously completed fellowships and advertisements for local and international fellowship opportunities.

Private Practise Advice and Employment Opportunities for YO's

The Private Practice Section provides useful articles with guidance on specialist registration, starting a private practice, useful forms and documents to assist in private practice setup and management

The Employment Section provides numerous resources including:

  • The OSSA YO employment platform, which provides an easy to use space for advertisement by:
  1. HOD's of the different government hospital based ophthalmology units around the country for vacancies in ophthalmology Medical officer/ Registrar/ Consultant posts
  2. Private practice ophthalmologists who are looking for a young ophthalmologist to join their practice on a permanent basis/ locum at their practice while they are on leave/ buy into their practice/ assist them in theatre etc
  3. Academic or private ophthalmologists offering local South African fellowship or observership posts
  4. NGO’s regarding potential outreach opportunities looking for volunteer ophthalmologists
  5. Young Ophthalmologists who are looking for work in government/ the private sector or who are available for locums

  • Information on potential career pathways in Ophthalmology, NGO's offering outreach opportunities for YO's etc


YO Advocacy Platform

As young ophthalmologists (YO’s) who have been called into this vocation we lovingly refer to as the ‘Queen of the Specialities,’ we have a responsibility both to our patients and to society at large to rally behind worthy causes in our field of expertise. Through this OSSA YO advocacy platform we hope to unite and strengthen the voice and efforts of young ophthalmologists in their endeavors to improve eye care services in South Africa in areas where there is need for change. 


OSSA YO mentorship program 

This initiative aims to connect YO's with potential mentors. These mentors will be older, more experienced Ophthalmologists who are in a similar geographic location to the YO and have experience in a field of Ophthalmology which is of special interest to the YO mentee. Our vision is to slowly build up a number of potential mentors who can then be appropriately connected to a YO mentee. These relationships will be invaluable in the personal and professional development of YO's as they embark on their early years of their life-long vocation in Ophthalmology.

OSSA Young Leaders Program

On an annual basis, the OSSA YO Committee appoints two young ophthalmologists to join the OSSA Young Leaders Program. This program invites these YO's to join and actively participate in the OSSA Exco meetings and familiarizes them with the inner workings of the society. The young leaders are encouraged to give input at these meetings as representatives of YO's and become involved with the activities of the various OSSA Responsibility Portfolios.

This program provides an incredible mentorship opportunity for these young leaders by allowing them to be in regular contact with the current OSSA Exco leadership who aid in their development as future leaders in Ophthalmology in SA.

To join our community, register on the members section of the website or click the button below to get in touch with us.