About OSSA Young Ophthalmologists

The OSSA Young Ophthalmologists (YO’s) are a dynamic group of young and upcoming ophthalmologists who have a vibrant vision for the future of ophthalmology in South Africa, and the rest of Africa. As YO’s we hold the future of our profession in our hands. The OSSA YO society has a long-term strategy to engage with young ophthalmologists and assist in their academic training and development as young professionals venturing into careers in public or private sector Ophthalmology.

We offer educational programs and social networking opportunities at various congresses, a young leaders development program, career services and professional development resources catered to each level of training and practise.

We also hope that bringing together these passionate YO’s will create a strong platform for advocacy on various initiatives related to Ophthalmology in South Africa. By investing in the next generation our hope is to see the Ophthalmology profession and eyecare in SA move from strength to strength.

"Our aim is be able to offer access to educational programs, career opportunities and professional development services relevant to each level of training and practice."

- Dr. Bayanda Mbambisa (OSSA Exco Member)

Dr. Bayanda Mbambisa

Why join the OSSA YO community?


A mentorship is a valuable relationship regardless of your chosen career path. Whether you choose to enter private practice or embark on an academic career, mentors can help guide you through the process because they know firsthand the obstacles that need to be overcome as well as the best pathways towards success in your chosen career.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

~Hellen Keller

As young ophthalmologists (YO’s) who have been called into this vocation we lovingly refer to as the ‘Queen of the Specialities,’ we have a responsibility both to our patients and to society at large to rally behind worthy causes in our field of expertise. Through this OSSA YO advocacy platform we hope to unite and strengthen the voice and efforts of young ophthalmologists in their endeavors to improve eye care services in South Africa in areas where there is need for change.


A fellowship is a period of training that a specialist undertakes to improve practical skills and broaden their perspectives within a specific sub-discipline in ophthalmology. In Australia, Canada and the United States, approximately 60 percent of ophthalmology registrars apply for a fellowship. The time required to complete a fellowship varies between institutions and sub-specialities from one to two years.

Academic Material

These notes have been created by YO’s preparing for their college examinations and are shared here to serve as an aid to your studying. They do not replace the need to study from the recommended textbooks for each of these examinations. While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the knowledge contained in these notes, it is still the users responsibility to ensure the validity of the material at hand.

Employment & Jobs

The OSSA YO employment platform is a potential space for advertisement by:

1. HOD's of the different government hospital based ophthalmology units around the country for vacancies in ophthalmology Medical officer/ Registrar /Consultant posts
2. Private practise ophthalmologists who are looking for a young ophthalmologist to join their practice on a permanent basis/ locum at their practice while they are on leave/ buy into their practice/ assist them in theatre etc
3. Academic or private ophthalmologists offering local South African fellowship or observership posts
4. NGO’s regarding potential outreach opportunities looking for volunteer ophthalmologists
5. Young Ophthalmologists who are looking for work in government/ the private sector or who are available for locums

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